ROSECHARD WEHRENBERG is the author of the chapbooks Abracadabrachrysanthemum (2018), Hands (2015), and River (2014), co-written with Ross Gay. Their poems & writing have appeared or are forthcoming in The Ocean State Review, The Academy of American Poets, Monster House Press, Peach Mag, Bad Nudes, & elsewhere. They live in Bloomington, Indiana where they are a freelance book & graphic designer.

From 2010-2019, Rosechard served as Art Director, Book Designer, Editor, & more for Monster House Press—a writer-run collective-publisher of literature & a hybrid, award-winning reading series, Monster House Presents, in Bloomington, Indiana.

Mx. Rosechard Wehrenberg is nonbinary (they/them/their pronouns).

They would love to hear from / correspond w you :: xoxo —

rosechard wehrenberg
box 1548, Bloomington, IN 47402