Welcome, friends, I’m glad you’re here! I’m an artist + designer in Bloomington, Indiana.

I’d love to design your next book, poster, flyer, logo, album, t-shirt, merch, advertisement, press kit, website, or anything else you might need! I have 12+ years experience designing for both print + web, physical + digital, for a wide variety of clients and projects—from small publishers to musicians to life coaches to restaurants to big ten universities—and everywhere in between. I care very deeply about each job I take on + I look forward to sharing the experience with you.

My main goal as your designer (& artist/human) is to help steward visions/projects from the realm of idea into physical reality with care, joy, intention, attention + grace. One of my most dearly held feelings is when a client tells me that I pulled their vision right out of their head and made it real. I am all about that kind of communion/manifestation. Anything you need for your next project, I can design it.

Want a quote or ready to work w/ me? Feel free to email me!

I look forward to hearing from you!


My design rate is $50/hour. The final cost of each job can vary widely based on many factors, including— time, depth, scope, style, type, + more. I am also happy to try to work to your budget.

Below are general average costs for each type of design. A more accurate picture of your project’s cost can be offered to you once we communicate + I understand the scope of your project a little more. Feel free to email me to get an estimate on a job or to ask me any questions you might have!

BOOK DESIGN (FULL) :: $400-$2500
BOOK COVERS :: $200-$2000
BOOK INTERIORS :: $200-$2000
POSTERS :: $150-$750
LOGOS :: $200-$1000
MERCHANDISE :: $200-$1000
ALBUMS :: $400-$1500
ADVERTS + PROMO :: $400-$2000
PRESS KITS + RELEASES :: $200-$750
WEBSITES :: $400-$2500


I’ve designed for many wonderful artists, writers, musicians, presses, businesses, universities, + more, including—Indiana University Press, Framing The Global, Indiana University Creative Writing Program, Amy O, Marlee Grace, Erin Elizabeth Wehrenberg, Monster House Press, Ledge Mule Press, Autumn Hill Books, Ressl Lab, Surcle Wood, Matt Tobey, Clear Mind/John Rehak, Jaclyn The Clutter Wrangler + more.

I’d love to get to work with you next!


My artistic/design life began with my interest in illustration/photography in primary & high schools. Out of calling & urgency, I taught myself how to design show posters/flyers, album art, pamphlets, & zines while living in the Cleveland-Akron, Ohio area around 2007-2010.

From 2010-2019 I served as art director + book designer for Monster House Press—a publisher + reading series in Columbus, Ohio & Bloomington, Indiana. This position is where I came to find my distinct style as a designer & artist. During my time at MHP, I learned the ins/outs of how to design for a publishing house—from author press kits to tour posters to websites to web/print ads + of course: books. I became familiar with the oft-overwhelming worlds of book printers, publishing + distribution. I am happy to offer my unique skills & knowledge from this time to my clients.

When MHP closed in 2019, I began freelance designing full-time. I have been grateful to become connected with some incredible people through my work & I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.


My design aesthetic ranges in influence from visual art to philosophy to spirituality to poetry to music and beyond. From nü-minimalism to trans-postmodernism to deconstruction to textual-imagism to DIY. Most of my style came about through doing.

I’m endlessly curious about the infinite & miraculous ways we can transform ideas and information into images & communication—into design—& I am always looking for newer, more interesting ways & forms to embody this core belief.

I love using text & images in ways they might not typically or thought to be used. I believe the fonts/words used to represent language/meaning are inherently imagistic, ideological, and historical, carrying in them a code/portal that reveals their provenance/alignment tendencies/trace. These histories/signatures can be followed or thwarted, reinvented endlessly and inexplicably. When I design, I attempt always to access the unconscious world/vision where the design ‘resides’ to pull out its becoming into this world.

I am a de-signer—that is, one who removes, re-envisions, negates, separates, & re-arranges signs and their signifers into & out of their their infinite arrangements, constructions, & meanings.